How Nextcloud stays productive during COVID-19 and how others did the same


    COVID has a firm grip on the world. Also, and especially, our working environment. The way we work is changing. What do we need to guarantee the security of our data in an increasingly interconnected world? How do we interact in distributed teams and asynchronous time zones? What will the office workplace of the future look like? Within four years Nextcloud has become a valued partner for over 100 local and federal authorities across Europe and the world, thousands of companies from SMEs to large enterprises, as well as hospitals, banks, schools and many more. The German startup has been working 100% remotely since the beginning. Nextcloud is also one of the largest open source communities. Who, if not them, know all the challenges of a remote world? The workplace of the future will be defined by a corporate culture in which trust and respect play main roles. In his presentation, Nextcloud founder and CEO Frank Karlitschek tells how his and other future-oriented organizations master the crisis and remain highly productive.

    Frank Karlitschek gründete ownCloud 2010 um eine sichere und open source Alternative zu proprietären Services wie Dropbox und Google Drive zu schaffen. In 2016 initiierte er Nextcloud und gründete die Nextcloud GmbH um die Ideen auf die nächste Ebene zu heben. Zusätzlich ist er in verschiedene weitere Open Source Projekte involviert wie zum Beispiel KDE wo er im Vorstand aktiv war.