Rook: Storage for Containers in Containers


    In this talk Kim-Norman Sahm and Alexander Trost dive into the challenges of storage for containerized applications on Kubernetes. We’ll see how the current state is and how Rook can help with that. We are going to especially look at Ceph run through Rook here, but nonetheless trying not to lose sight of the whole picture. There is a lot to keep in mind storage as is, but everything gets more complex with storage for containers. From what type of storage to how much and how “safe” it should, all questions that should be asked and most of them which should be answered as well.

    Kim-Norman Sahm is CTO of Cloudical. He also works as Executive Cloud Architect at Cloudical. Previously, he was OpenStack Cloud Architect at T-Systems (operational services GmbH) and noris network AG. He is an expert of the technologies OpenStack, Ceph and Kubernetes (CKA).

    Alexander Trost works as a DevOps Engineer at Cloudical Deutschlang GmbH and is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). He is one of four maintainers of the Project and is engaged in several more open source projects, for example a Prometheus exporter for Dell Hardware (Dell OMSA Metrics), k8s-vagrant-multi-node an easy local multi node Kubernetes environment, and others. Besides Containers and Kubernetes he is expert on Software Defined Storage, Golang and Continuous Integration (with GitLab CI). He passionately enjoys working on open source projects, such as Rook, Ancientt and other projects.