Donnerstag, August 18, 2022

IT-Tage 365


IT-Tage 365 mit 7 Remote-Konferenzen im Jahr 2022, allen Session-Videos der IT-Tage 2020/2021, Hintergrundinfos, Präsentationen zum Download und Networking in 1:1 Video-Calls, Chats, u.a.


Web Summer Camp 2022

Amadria Park Šibenik Amadria Park, Šibenik

WSC 22 brings web devs & pros together.


Container Days 2022


As in the past editions, ContainerDays 2022 will offer you a great learning experience on #Kubernetes, #CloudNative, #DevOps, #GitOps, #EdgeComputing and much more. This is your opportunity to meet and exchange with other cloud native enthusiasts from across the globe in person or in the virtual world.



Auf der storage2day treffen sich Fachleute, die Storage-Umgebungen in Unternehmen und Institutionen konzipieren und betreiben.


Luxembourg Internet Days

Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce 7, rue Alcide de Gasperi, L-1615, Luxembourg

Event for the IT and ICT professionals: The Luxembourg Internet Days 2022 will address key topics related to the Internet challenges.